Why should you AVOID translation agencies and contact a freelance translator directly instead?

In this post, you will find out why you should choose a sworn/official translator over a translation agency. We will also explain their services so you can make an informed decision.

1. I need a sworn/official translation. How shall I proceed?

In an increasingly globalised world, moving to another country or communicating with foreign institutions requires having your documents translated by a sworn translator. Given this situation, we can take two different paths: either having our documents translated by a certified sworn/official translator or by a translation agency offering sworn translation services. The question is: what is the difference between both of them? And, especially, how is my choice going to affect what I will get?

On the one hand, a sworn/official translator is normally someone who usually works as a freelance professional or who owns a small company. On the other hand, translation agencies are normally bigger companies that hire the services of these freelance translators. Therefore, they are an intermediary between clients and translators. Think about it for a second: Why would you need an intermediary when you could easily contact a translator directly?

2. What are the advantages of choosing a translator over a translation agency?

  • It’s cheaper. Translation agencies do not work for the sake of it. They add a commission to the initial translation price to get their share, which results in a higher quote for the client. This is why choosing a translator over a translation agency will always be more affordable. Bear in mind that this surcharge may increase the price up to 100/200 % (and, unfortunately, we see this with our own eyes on a regular basis).
  • Meet the translator. The majority of freelance translators or their small companies have a website where you can find information about their working experience, the services they offer and their professional accreditations. What an amazing advantage for the client! However, the tables turn when you choose a translation agency. They generally look for the translator offering the lowest rate so they can get a significant share by adding their commission to the client’s invoice. In conclusion, clients do not get to meet the professional, neither can they be sure of the quality of the final result. Using the services of translation agencies may make sense if you need documents translated to/from many different languages, as contacting translators specialised in many different languages is normally very complicated or impossible and you would have to contact many different translators.
  • Convenience. What if you have doubts regarding your translation? What if you need a last-minute modification of your document? Either way, the most convenient solution is to make a call and discuss it directly with the translator without an intermediary agency slowing down your paperwork.
  • Trust. Plain and simple. If you are satisfied with the translator’s services, you will not need to look for any other professional next time you need a high-quality service. If, on the contrary, you contact a translation agency, each of your documents will probably be assigned to a different translator, which means that the quality of the final result may vary.

So that’s it! Do not hesitate to turn directly to a professional translator next time you need to have something translated!

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